7 Reasons Why Kanye West Should Be Elected President Come 2020


The world has never lacked unconventional and ambitious individuals
who accept they’re the most met all requirements to lead our countries.
More often than not, when an open figure reports they’ll be running for office, individuals rush to take their assertion as a joke. In any case, when that joke gets shared around enough and winds up grabbing authentic energy, it’s not amusing. It’s genuine.


So when Kanye says he’s running for president, we have to trust it. No one trusted an unscripted television star would do it, and he did and now look where we are.


So here’s a rundown of Kanye’s best presidential qualities, you know, just to keep on the ball.


1.    How about we begin with the way that West transparently confessed to “smoking a lil something” before going ahead stage at the 2015 MTV VMA’s.

That demonstration of straightforwardness is precisely what we require, a president that knows how to loosen up. Being president is an enormously unpleasant job, and we’re certain it would be less demanding in case you’re baked the whole time.


2.    Kim Kardashian will be the first lady.

Many individuals jump at the chance to ruin her prosperity yet how about we be genuine. If you include a Kardashian in anything, it is ensured to be more fruitful. Indeed, even goddamn emojis of Kim’s face makes millions. So definitely, how about we get her in The White House. Not at all like that supremacist pumpkin that is Trump, she knows how to work together without misleading individuals, and her fight with Taylor is such a great amount of juicier than Hillary Clinton’s spilled messages.


3.    Terms like “HEH and “NAHHHH BRO!!!” will be utilized as a part of presidential verbal confrontations and locations.

Simply picture that. The America the web needs, no, requirements. The 2016 Presidential Debates had Trump and Hillary talking over each other insufficiently. However, we as a whole know Kanye is the ace of intruding on individuals amid discourses. He’ll straight up take his rival’s mic if he needs to.


4.    With President West in the workplace, we will, at last, accomplish world peace.

Why drop bombs when you can drop dope tracks. In reality, as we know it where our pioneers frequently pick savagery as the solution for our contentions Kanye will pick ground breaking music generation, reverence to extraordinary traditional painters, and coordinated efforts with The Weeknd to join our reality’s kin under sonic amicability.


5.    Trump Ain’t Got The Bars!

Trump appeared to be excessively worried with stamina in the main presidential verbal confrontation, and you know who has awesome stamina? The hip hop star who recorded one of his greatest tunes “Through The Wire” with his jaw wired close. That is some genuine commitment.


6.    Kanye will join all classes and races through the garments he makes.

Once the new line of Yeezy design hits, it will be difficult to tell who is super fucking rich and who is genuinely destitute. Virtuoso. At long last a conclusion to the realist society, we have worked around us.


7. Have you perceived how rapidly Kanye goes from cheerful to dead inside?

He is a man who just cannot conceal his feelings. What are the ulterior thought processes to a man as straightforward as that? Isn’t it time we had somewhat more straightforwardness in office. Envision that? Having a president and dependably realize what’s at the forefront of their thoughts. Trump is by all accounts making a special effort to conceal his assessment forms and expand the records of his total assets. Kanye, then again, has demonstrated us straightforwardness and lowliness, by uncovering precisely how much cash he has sunk into his innovative endeavors. At any rate with Kanye, we know where the cash is going.


Here’s to it #KANYE2020.

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